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Welcome to Wireless Fireworks, we are a UK company specialising in remote firing systems and other pyrotechnic supplies.
We work hard to bring you the most competitive prices, without compromising on the quality of our products.

July 2015 Update - More igniters on order - Due in August.
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Firing Systems

Our wireless remote control firing systems are perfect for use with all types of fireworks. Firing at the click of a button means you can create seamless displays with added safety while enjoying the display for yourself.



We carry high stock levels of  Talon, Consumer & Electric Match igniters which work with all of our wireless systems. Use Talon & Consumer Match for retail fireworks and Electric Match for professional products.


Firework Fuse

Whether you're looking for visco, flying fish, falling leaf, crackling, black match, quick match, fast or time fuse we have it all. Available in many colours and lengths for your pyrotechnic needs.

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